I don’t know about you but I struggle to find inspiration in the everyday.  It’s so much easier to continue my daily routine on auto pilot. Hence the few weeks gone by without a post from me. I find myself making promises with an ambitious mind in the evening then waking up to the daily grind, overwhelmed and robotic, pushing off my passions and feeling less than inspired.

I’m not sure it’s in my specific genetic make up to continue with the monotony or if that’s a thing many people feel in the rapidly moving, too many options world we live in today.  All I know is that it’s very difficult to break out of the mold.  Yet, somehow, every single time I do it I feel like a million bucks. Taking a moment to be mindful and breathe in life can truly change everything.  Something as simple as going for a walk and stopping to notice the beautiful details of my world can tear me out of my “just get to the next day” mindset.  I have to consistently challenge myself to do this but I have noticed that it’s becoming more of a welcomed habit over time.

The little things in life can truly bring so much joy.  Small inspirations have lead me to conquer major fears, become more productive and even decrease my anxiety.  Two weekends ago after a rough week at work I spent some time in East Hampton, NY.  During our stay I tried to capture what I was breathing in at that moment to share with you.  I can still taste that delish coconut water! That little trip truly took me out of a bad week and reset my drive.  Just looking at these images now inspires me to get creating. I challenge you to break the mold today.  Find some inspiration in something small, and lets see what it could do for you! Message me with your feedback!

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