First Trimester – Check.


This past weekend I finally kissed trimester one goodbye.  I have never been happier to end summer and start fresh with fall.  Summer 2017 was utter torture, between constant nausea and food aversions, aches and pains, and the anxiety about health of this pregnancy- I was not myself to say the least!

I started this blog as I was beginning to turn a corner and see the light at the end of this very dizzy tunnel.  Now that I’m feeling pretty awesome I am ready to dive into the rustic chic craft ideas and decor that I know and love.   I will be posting ideas weekly, as well as updating you on my life, and the steps I’m taking to achieve this ever so ambivalent term called ‘happiness’.  This site can be your go-to place for inspiration- life-home-and everything in between.

I will also be selling some pretty awesome personalized rustic paned windows to those interested who live in the Tristate area very soon.  Stay tuned!

Before I go- one thing I learned these last 3 months- and it sounds so simple and cheesy but “it gets better.”  Whatever you are struggling with right now may seem like a never-ending battle but please keep fighting your fight.  It will end. One foot in front of the other.  A new season is just around the corner.  Set your goals and make tiny little steps towards digging yourself out of whatever life has thrown your way.  You are capable. Time is an incredible thing.


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