living life based in gratitude


Scientifically proven to make you happier- but does it really? I do this. I thank the stranger who held open the door for me.  I thank my delivery guy.  I thank my friend for congratulating me on my pregnancy. I truly mean every single one of my thank you’s so why isn’t it working?! Why do I still feel the same?  Where is the missing link?

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Hardwiring Happiness by Dr. Rick Hanson.  This book focuses on tapping into everyday life experiences and using them to re-wire your brain to be happier.  And by re-wiring he actually means changing the make up of your physical brain through activities based in gratitude, mindfulness and positivity.  This made the “living in gratitude” principal much more tangible for me.

As humans we are evolutionarily prone to focus on the negative.  This was used as a defense mechanism centuries ago when we had to constantly protect ourselves from predators. Now in modern society we still have these behaviors without any of the need. Luckily a few simple changes can actually CHANGE your brain and rewire it to naturally be a happier more positive human.

To do: When you get today’s daily cup of coffee really take in the taste, the warmth, the feeling it gives you, your surroundings, your company- or lack there of.  Take a deep breath, try to notice the details of this moment, try to revel in the simplicity of it.  Study it as if you will be asked to relive it later that day. Take the time to thank yourself for this moment. Enter gratitude. Live for just this second in that gratitude.

See how many moments you can have like this today.  How do you feel?  I think its starting to work for me.  FINALLY…


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