Design on a dime

Decorating and personalization can be overwhelming, especially when you start looking at price tags.  Throughout each big life event (ie. my wedding, my new home, creating a nursery) I’ve always found ways to do the Restoration Hardware look for a quarter of the price. Here are some of the ways I gave my wedding the rustic personalization I was looking for without shelling out the big ones to a florist or designer.

  1. Ikea frames are cheap, chalkboard paint is cheap!AS_R-13.jpg


2. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure.  Old windows! I love them. They are so versatile  I used them all over my shabby chic wedding. Check out a local construction site and see what you can find.  Doors are a great find too! Sand them down and paint them up. Get creative! Here is my wedding menu:AS_R-2.jpg


3. Think outside the box.  Need: a seating chart.  Found: inexpensive vintage skeleton keys. Created: “find the key to your seat”.  I hung the keys from a rustic fence I bought at a craft store for $20, then embellished the fence with silk flowers, and fake moss.  This saved me money and added a unique touch to our seating sitch.fence


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