I don’t know about you but I struggle to find inspiration in the everyday.  It’s so much easier to continue my daily routine on auto pilot. Hence the few weeks gone by without a post from me. I find myself making promises with an ambitious mind in the evening then waking up to the daily grind, overwhelmed and robotic, pushing off my passions and feeling less than inspired.

I’m not sure it’s in my specific genetic make up to continue with the monotony or if that’s a thing many people feel in the rapidly moving, too many options world we live in today.  All I know is that it’s very difficult to break out of the mold.  Yet, somehow, every single time I do it I feel like a million bucks. Taking a moment to be mindful and breathe in life can truly change everything.  Something as simple as going for a walk and stopping to notice the beautiful details of my world can tear me out of my “just get to the next day” mindset.  I have to consistently challenge myself to do this but I have noticed that it’s becoming more of a welcomed habit over time.

The little things in life can truly bring so much joy.  Small inspirations have lead me to conquer major fears, become more productive and even decrease my anxiety.  Two weekends ago after a rough week at work I spent some time in East Hampton, NY.  During our stay I tried to capture what I was breathing in at that moment to share with you.  I can still taste that delish coconut water! That little trip truly took me out of a bad week and reset my drive.  Just looking at these images now inspires me to get creating. I challenge you to break the mold today.  Find some inspiration in something small, and lets see what it could do for you! Message me with your feedback!

First Trimester – Check.


This past weekend I finally kissed trimester one goodbye.  I have never been happier to end summer and start fresh with fall.  Summer 2017 was utter torture, between constant nausea and food aversions, aches and pains, and the anxiety about health of this pregnancy- I was not myself to say the least!

I started this blog as I was beginning to turn a corner and see the light at the end of this very dizzy tunnel.  Now that I’m feeling pretty awesome I am ready to dive into the rustic chic craft ideas and decor that I know and love.   I will be posting ideas weekly, as well as updating you on my life, and the steps I’m taking to achieve this ever so ambivalent term called ‘happiness’.  This site can be your go-to place for inspiration- life-home-and everything in between.

I will also be selling some pretty awesome personalized rustic paned windows to those interested who live in the Tristate area very soon.  Stay tuned!

Before I go- one thing I learned these last 3 months- and it sounds so simple and cheesy but “it gets better.”  Whatever you are struggling with right now may seem like a never-ending battle but please keep fighting your fight.  It will end. One foot in front of the other.  A new season is just around the corner.  Set your goals and make tiny little steps towards digging yourself out of whatever life has thrown your way.  You are capable. Time is an incredible thing.


Letting go of fear- the three C’s


Starting this blog was completely outside of my comfort zone.  Although deep down I know I have useful knowledge to share I have let fear stop me from doing this for years.  Two weeks shy of my 32nd birthday and 14 weeks pregnant with my son I decided to let go of fear. Life has a funny way of passing you by – people will wait all week for friday, all year for summer and all life for happiness.  But why wait?  Life is happening NOW.  As I have been thinking about the life lessons I would like to instill upon my baby I realized that I need start with myself. This is where the three C’s come into play.

Choice, Chance, Change.  Make a choice– choose what you want your life to look like, choose a path, choose a task, an activity.  No matter how big or small, let go of the fear thats holding you and make your choice.  Its a small step.  Just as this blog is for me.  Yet, it allows for so much opportunity because this choice will lead you to a chance.  Without taking this step you risk missing out on the chance to make something happen.   This is the big break that you’ve been waiting for and its completely in your own hands.  This is your chance to change your life for the better.  What does that change look like?  What is burning in your soul and creeping up to remind you that you are not where you should be?  What would you do in life if you knew you would for sure succeed?  What separates you from the people who are doing it?  NOTHING, nothing but a choice.



living life based in gratitude


Scientifically proven to make you happier- but does it really? I do this. I thank the stranger who held open the door for me.  I thank my delivery guy.  I thank my friend for congratulating me on my pregnancy. I truly mean every single one of my thank you’s so why isn’t it working?! Why do I still feel the same?  Where is the missing link?

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Hardwiring Happiness by Dr. Rick Hanson.  This book focuses on tapping into everyday life experiences and using them to re-wire your brain to be happier.  And by re-wiring he actually means changing the make up of your physical brain through activities based in gratitude, mindfulness and positivity.  This made the “living in gratitude” principal much more tangible for me.

As humans we are evolutionarily prone to focus on the negative.  This was used as a defense mechanism centuries ago when we had to constantly protect ourselves from predators. Now in modern society we still have these behaviors without any of the need. Luckily a few simple changes can actually CHANGE your brain and rewire it to naturally be a happier more positive human.

To do: When you get today’s daily cup of coffee really take in the taste, the warmth, the feeling it gives you, your surroundings, your company- or lack there of.  Take a deep breath, try to notice the details of this moment, try to revel in the simplicity of it.  Study it as if you will be asked to relive it later that day. Take the time to thank yourself for this moment. Enter gratitude. Live for just this second in that gratitude.

See how many moments you can have like this today.  How do you feel?  I think its starting to work for me.  FINALLY…


Design on a dime

Decorating and personalization can be overwhelming, especially when you start looking at price tags.  Throughout each big life event (ie. my wedding, my new home, creating a nursery) I’ve always found ways to do the Restoration Hardware look for a quarter of the price. Here are some of the ways I gave my wedding the rustic personalization I was looking for without shelling out the big ones to a florist or designer.

  1. Ikea frames are cheap, chalkboard paint is cheap!AS_R-13.jpg


2. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure.  Old windows! I love them. They are so versatile  I used them all over my shabby chic wedding. Check out a local construction site and see what you can find.  Doors are a great find too! Sand them down and paint them up. Get creative! Here is my wedding menu:AS_R-2.jpg


3. Think outside the box.  Need: a seating chart.  Found: inexpensive vintage skeleton keys. Created: “find the key to your seat”.  I hung the keys from a rustic fence I bought at a craft store for $20, then embellished the fence with silk flowers, and fake moss.  This saved me money and added a unique touch to our seating sitch.fence